Knight Light

Knight Light

Toilet bowl UV-C light

Your light in shining armor is here to make your potty a cleaner place to be!

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Advanced motion detection. No more stumbling around at night!
UC-V light that freshens and deodorizes. Sit back and let your Knight Light do the dirty work.
8 color-changing lights. Enjoy a lightshow of rainbow colors.
Water-resistant and durable. Lasts long to serve you long.

Easy-install. Fits all toilet bowls and installs in 5 minutes or less.

Secure 256-bit SSL encryption

Knight Light has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 13 reviews.

How to use Knight Light

Attach the Knight Light

Lift toilet seat and adjust the arm. Bring arm down and hang with Knightlight facing out on the side of the toilet and the arm across the side of the bowl.

Set your color choice

Turn out the lights and set the lamp color lock button to OUT to cycle through rainbow colors or press the IN button to set a single color preference.

Set UV-C!

Close the toilet lid, then press the UV sterilization button to set a 2-minute UV cycle.


Body Color


Light Color

Blue, Red, Green, Aqua, Rose, Purple, Yellow, or White color rotation

Light Function

Auto motion light turns on and off at motion detection for 2 minutes up to 12ft

UV Sterilizer

UV-C Light

Waterproof Level





No. 7 AAA R03 24G

Product Certification


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