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Knight Light
Knight Light
Knight Light
Knight Light
Knight Light
Knight Light
Knight Light
Knight Light
Knight Light
Knight Light

Knight Light

Toilet bowl UV-C light

Your light in shining armor is here to make your potty a cleaner place to be!

Sale price $39.00

Advanced motion detection. No more stumbling around at night!
UC-V light that freshens and deodorizes. Sit back and let your Knight Light do the dirty work.
8 color-changing lights. Enjoy a lightshow of rainbow colors.
Water-resistant and durable. Lasts long to serve you long.

Easy-install. Fits all toilet bowls and installs in 5 minutes or less.

If you’ve installed this and you don’t feel like it gives you an edge in cleaning your toilet, then just contact us within 30 days.

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Knight Light has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 13 reviews.

Give Your Toilet Bowl A Powerful Cleanse

Months of toilet use will cause nasty buildup in the bowl - crud, germs, odor-causing bacteria, and sometimes even mold. Knight Light uses bright UV lights to help keep your toilet fresh and clean. With the press of a button, your toilet can be good as new. There’s a reason this ultraviolet “cleaning trend” has exploded in popularity with thousands.

The Hands Off Way to Clean the Toilet

Nobody likes cleaning the toilet. And for those with limited mobility it's basically impossible to clean!

With Knight Light attached to your toilet, just press a button and let it do the hard work. Then let the UV light do the hard work!

Super Easy To Install

We know that cleaning the toilet makes most people cringe. That’s why Clear Rear designed the Knight Light to be as headache-free as possible.

Once you insert the batteries, it neatly attaches to virtually any toilet seat within seconds and is ready to use instantly.

You don’t need any screwdrivers or drills, and you certainly don’t need to hire an expensive plumber to install Knight Light.

Motion-activated Night Light

Most people have to buy a night light for a toilet separately. But we decided to give you a 2-in-1 device for maximum comfort and convenience.

You have a choice between 8 fun rotative colors and to enjoy them, simply turn off the lights (they won’t activate in light in order to save battery power) and the bright RGB lamp activates when it senses motion.

The light will stay illuminated 2 minutes after the last detected movement.

How to use Knight Light

Attach the Knight Light

Lift toilet seat and adjust the arm. Bring arm down and hang with Knightlight facing out on the side of the toilet and the arm across the side of the bowl.

Set your color choice

Turn out the lights and set the lamp color lock button to OUT to cycle through rainbow colors or press the IN button to set a single color preference.

Set UV-C!

Close the toilet lid, then press the UV sterilization button to set a 2-minute UV cycle.

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